Keeping the Band Together: A Blog for Musicians

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Keeping the Band Together: A Blog for Musicians

Hi, my name is Erika, and I have been a member of two different bands. I have found that keeping a band together involves a delicate balance of several elements. You have to continue being excited about the same type of music, you have to practise and try new things together and you have to mesh on an emotional level. This can be hard, and if you are a temperamental and emotional musician like me, it can be even more challenging. Since I have experience, I decided to create this blog. It has tips on making music, being a band and staying together. Please explore these posts. I hope you enjoy them.



What To Inquire About When Selecting An Instrument Rental Company

If you are looking to take up a new hobby and have an inclination towards music, you could be thinking of getting yourself an instrument. But while musical instruments can help with honing in your skills, if you have never dabbled in this hobby before, you may not know what instrument will be best for you. Fortunately, you do not have to make a decision immediately about which instrument to invest in. Read More 

4 Ways You Can Check Your Piano is in Tune

Playing the piano can be extremely rewarding. However, if you want to make sure you get the most out of the experience, you need to make sure that your piano is in tune. Below is a guide to four things you can do to check if your piano is in tune or not. Read on to find out everything you need to know. Play some chords One of the easiest ways to establish if your instrument is in tune or not is to play some chords. Read More 

Factors to Consider when Buying a Digital Kawai Piano

Next to the human voice, the piano is one of the most versatile musical instruments on the market. There are many types of pianos, but the most common ones are digital and acoustic pianos and synthesizers/workstations. Acoustic pianos are the conventional and oldest piano versions, which work by activating a hammer that strikes the relevant string to produce sound when a key is pressed. This is why pianos are considered percussion instruments. Read More 

A Quick Buyer’s Guide for Saxophones

Before you buy any musical instrument online, you want to ensure that you understand the best type to look for so that you make the right decision. This is important since you can't test out the instrument before you purchase it so you know if it's of high quality and will perform as it should. Note a few factors about buying a saxophone over the internet so you know you get the right type and buy one that will work for you. Read More