Keeping the Band Together: A Blog for Musicians

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Keeping the Band Together: A Blog for Musicians

Hi, my name is Erika, and I have been a member of two different bands. I have found that keeping a band together involves a delicate balance of several elements. You have to continue being excited about the same type of music, you have to practise and try new things together and you have to mesh on an emotional level. This can be hard, and if you are a temperamental and emotional musician like me, it can be even more challenging. Since I have experience, I decided to create this blog. It has tips on making music, being a band and staying together. Please explore these posts. I hope you enjoy them.



Tips For A Successful Musical Instrument Rental Experience

Playing an instrument is an exciting process in which you or your child can learn to produce beautiful sounds and music while working the right side of the brain. However, investing in the purchase of a musical instrument may be beyond your personal budget and financial constraints, but you can rent a high-quality instrument as a smart option. Here are some recommendations to help you as you plan to rent a musical instrument. Read More 

Two Helpful Budgeting Tips for New Guitar Players

If you signed up for guitar lessons, you're probably very excited. Here are some budgeting tips to keep in mind if you're new to taking care of an instrument. 1. Stick with affordable guitar strings at the start Whilst you might have enough musical ability to recognise how much better a guitar sounds when it has high-quality strings, it is still best to stick to cheaper ones at the start. To create dynamics when playing pieces of music on your guitar, your teacher will probably encourage you to strum the strings gently when you need to play some notes quietly and to strike them more forcefully when you need to make a melody sound louder and more dramatic. Read More